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Do you enjoy watching Angie Jolie and Brad Pitt as Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Do you always imagine yourself working as a Blacksmith in Game of Thrones? or do you enjoy Sam Smith serenading with his majestic voice? Well, wait no more cos there is another Smith in town, Coffeesmith! lol. Ok that sounded lame. 

Anyway, we were in Penang one day and was looking for a place to hang out and just chat. We consulted the local gurl(Venus) and she recommended Coffeesmith at Karpal Singh Drive. We had dinner before that so we were just gonna see what drinks they have to offer.
It feels like home upon entering this place. This whole place has an English feel to it. Living in England for 3 years has turned me into an Angmo! Everything feels so familiar!!
It was about 8-9pm then and it was packed with people!
Hello United Kingdom!!

Big Ben. Well well, we meet again! :)

Red Victorian brick! :)
After settling down and sinking into our british seats, the quest begins!
A wefie with the local gurl Venus!
Chinese - English Menu
Apparently it is a Taiwan based cafe hence the dominating characters on its menu. After choosing our drinks and snacks, I took the opportunity to lurk around this tiny cafe.

Our seats from the back window
It was packed when we arrived and we had to wait to be seated! o.O
Little red iconic London bus on display. 
Next station , mind the gap
Aye aye captain, our drinks and snack had arrived!
Potted milk tea. I'm a really big fan of tea and this potted milk tea is just a breath of fresh air. It is so cute that you just want to take a photo of it and then let it be.
After mixing the soil(chocolate top) in the pot(milky tea), you get a wonderful combination! You should give it a try!

Next up, Miner's coffee. I don't really get the whole concept of this miners coffee thing, it's just too many things going on with it. It's like an unnecessary improved version of affogato. Not my cup of thing but nice try. 

The fried chicken is not too shabby. 
Classic artisan coffee. Nice to see, but the concept is crap. You're supposed to take a sip of each each time. It's just hilariously expensive and inconvenient. I'm not a big fan of coffee, maybe cos of that I kinda missed out tasting each component and see how it blends.....nah, crap. This is just crap. lol

We sat for quite sometime, so round 2, we ordered the potted strawberry milkshake! This was same as the potted milktea but of course with strawberry milkshake rather than tea!
Then there is the Banana Chocolate. Not the best I've tried I have to say.
The chocolate lava was quite a disappointment. There isn't enough lava to begin with. It's just pretty. Period.
The drinks were so so but the ambiance was good. I love the concept of the shop, the deco and the lighting are all aligned. We will try it's main the next time round!

Even the check comes with a tray that has the tube map on it. OMG that is so mint!
Well, I would say some of the items are overpriced but can't really complain when the company is good! haha.

COFFEESMITH || Fresh Brew Only
There are currently 3 branches throughout Penang Island.
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