Two 3.8. at Thirty8 on the 38th floor ate a total of MYR380

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38 or "Sampat" in the local Malaysian slang means a collection of craziness and silliness which are not describable with a single English word. It perfectly described Eric and I as we spontaneously decided to try out Thirty8.

It is located in the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, hanging high on the 38th floor.

We were greeted by the stairways to heaven as we stepped into the hotel lobby from the hotel parking area. If Aphrodite decided to make an entrance to the world, this would be it. I can imagine her gracefully floating, dragging her long train of aura each step down the stairs. Magnificent!

The lift to heaven is just situated next to those jade steps and with a button, poof! We reached the 38th floor!

but first, let us take a #wefie!

We were greeted by a live band while waiting to be seated. A saxophonist was spotted and I knew that this trip was not spontaneous! We were magically summoned by the "pipe piper"! Jokes aside, the band were not short of members and they accompanied the whole hall through the night.

From our table, I can't stop but to notice how beautiful the Petronas Twin Tower is at night. It was raining and there were lightning flashes every once in a while. Kinda felt like a celebration and fireworks are going off! The view was spectacular.

Another selfie from below to exhibit prosperity of the face! :)

Adding on to make us more prosperous in the belly we were served complimentary warm naan with chicken liver pâté. The naan chapati lookalike was crispy and chewy at the same time. It compliments so well with the soft smooth pâté and with the right amount of pepper added in, you won't taste the ickiness! Lovely indeed, lovely!


For starters we each chose a soup! I love a seafood chowder so I went with the Crab and Corn Chowder. It was dreamy as the freshness of the crab and the sweetness of the corn blended so well. There were some corn seeds at the bottom with two full crab pincer meat! Yumzzzz

My attention was always diverted back to the twins.. Its just amazing to view it from eye level and not from below. This angle does not really show my roly-poly face! Good job Ricky!! Salute!

Ricky had the mushroom cream soup instead, garnished with chives. I think the soup knew we have a difference in skin tone and Ricky being the darker one was given the "darker" soup! It's plain to see! hahahahahahahaha.. he will kill me for this!

We also had the crispy fried white bait with seven spices. It was really appetising! The spices just burst in your mouth and because it is so crunchy, the whole bowl was finished within..... well, it really depends, we were chatting away so it was a few minutes. I guess this would be some sort of a snack to order if you were to come here with lots of company and wanted something light to start!


Roasted free range chicken . forest mushroom and foie gras stuffing . braised green peas 
This was so good as the meat was so tender. You don't really need to put much force to cut it into smaller pieces. You can sniff the fragrant smell of the sauce wafting through the air. The sauce really compliments the the dish. Lastly, like mama always say, you better finish the peas! haha. I love this so much so, 10 points to Gryffindor! Splendid!!

Duck leg confit . Sautéed cèpe mushroom . Lyonnais potato 
I still love my Chicken more! That aside the duck was tender as well as we can easily debone it without much hassle. The skin was super crispy and that was a plus point for me.


Thirty8 Signature Cake
They had a dry ice presentation when it was served. It felt like Hat Trick from Once Upon A Time the series spinning its hat bringing us to another land of mystery but instead, dessert appears!

And voila. This combination is to die for. I can eat 3 of this at a time if I want.  The chocolate cake was so soft and gentle. It pairs with the ice cream so well it melts in your mouth! The berries gives a tingle to it. I rate this 10/10. Gryffindor WINSSSSS!!

The white cup is filled with dry ice as a display prop and as a coolant.

Dessert marks the end of our dining experience here at +Thirty8 Restaurant & Lounge . Coincidental the amount of our dinner totalled to another auspicious number of the day MYR380!

We headed down to the 9th floor to catch the amazing view and stopped there for a chat before heading home. We had the whole pool area to ourselves as it was drizzling. The view is amazing and it should be a nice stay here if you are a pool person! :)

With a breathtaking view, good music, splendid food(dessert to die for), and of course with the company of your loved ones, this would be a place to go for a date! Or maybe even when you wanna go down on one knee and do the right thing? Like what Beyonce said, if you like a thing you should have put a ring on it. I shall leave you to that, till next time. 3.8. signing off!

Thirty8 Restaurant and Lounge
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 2182 1234 ext 2340


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