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It was our last day in Langkawi, we had to catch a ferry over to the mainland because I wanted the "ferry experience" and also cos Ricky lives just around the corner. My flight was at night from Alor Setar back to KL so it wasn't a rush for us in a way. We need to catch the ferry latest at about 5-6pm and so we thought why not have our last lunch on the island before we go. 

Ricky knows about and tried this restaurant before at Bon Ton resort and cos it was just nearby from our side of the island, we kinda head there after checking out from Sheraton!

We drove past this place(the sign below) a thousand times before but this is the first time driving in.

I was always curious about this place when I drove passed each time cos it kinda sounded like the place in True Blood, well, if you watch that series. lol

You won't miss the sign above if you were driving towards Cenang beach from the airport. Anyway, after turning in after the sign, you will need to drive straight to the back through an alley to reach the restaurant.

It is called NAM restaurant and you wont find a sign of the restaurant anywhere, either that or I'm blind. We kinda "figured it out" ourselves. 

The entrance of the restaurant looks something like this.

This is the first cat we saw when we got here, and trust me, why I say first is cos this place is filled with cats. The owner loves cats and dogs and they just pop in and out at will and the owners just embrace them with open arms lol. 

We walked into the building that led us straight to the souvenirs shop and pass that lies the restaurant. My attention was immediately drawn to the background and its surrounding. This  was what we saw!

The above is the view from our seat. I have pictures of each segment from left to right below :)

To our left was a hut, behind the hut was the pool and I'm sure that's part of the resort and I like how the resort integrate as one with not many physical barriers. You can easily access the resort from one end to the other.  
There isn't a sea view from here but Cenang beach isn't far away! This pool and the whole vicinity feels very cosy!
The hut which house a cage and a cat. You can have your meal here if you like. It's private and quite cool in a way. This place is just pure beautiful.
Meowth! That's right! Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!
Or if you would like to dine right next to the lake.

Or maybe privately next to it?
Then you have the watery part of the lake. The floating plant part is on the left side which I did not have on camera.

And last but not least the right side of the lake. You can see an airplane landing from this shot! :) Pretty awesome!!
I love these lamps around the resort. So cute and ancient.

Ricky at our table :)
Panoramic view from the lake. You can see mini Ricky from here. 

They have soft and comfy sofa with lots of pillows if you would like to just chillax, have a drink and chat with friends or just mind your own business! :)

Panoramic view from the other side of the restaurant. 

Anyway, lets head to our lunch shall we, I'm starving!!!

Icy cold water to quench our thirst!

Iced coffee with ice cream for Ricky!!
Lychee Kaipiroska with Vodka for me
Nyonya Laksa with Chicken and Prawns . This is delish! I love the coconuty creamy mix of this! Yummeh!

Nyonya style fried rice.

The acar (pickled vegetables) . Sweet and sour, perfect appetizers!!
Beef Rendang . Lovely!
Chili prawns. Oops i ate one.  There were four. lol. It was juicy!!
Chicken satay!!

It was a lovely meal but we can never say no to desserts no? ha.

Aww.... Kitty kitty wants foooooood.
No we did not have cats for desserts.

There were so many to choose from and some were even more expensive than the mains ! :) We asked the lovely waiter to recommend and he said why not try their Strawberries & Grand Marnier Tiramisu Layered with Meringue and Mascarpone Cream served with Raspberry Ice Cream & Berry Sauce? Now that's a mouth full and so we did fully mouthed it after ordering! Did I mention that the ice cream were home-made?! 

Nope, it isn't small.
Tada!!! This is really heaven!! No other words could describe this! Sweet, sour, spicy!! This is da bomb!
Satisfied customers, we are. 
If you are looking for good food, NAM restaurant offers a variety of exotic fusion food from the East and West. There are separate lunch and dinner menus so don't forget to check it out online before heading there. Even if you are only looking for good Desserts, this is the place to be! They serve desserts all day from 11am to 11pm. Do check it out! We will definitely come back for more the next time we chance upon this island. 

NAM Restaurant @ Bon Ton Resort Langkawi
Add || Pantai Cenang . 07000 Langkawi 
Operating hours || 1100 - 2300 hours
Tel || +6049556787 / 3643
Email ||


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