A Majestic High Tea

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Tai-tai day haha...
First time in forever LOL
Decided to splurge for once but obviously I splurged more than once.

Catching up with friends or love ones over coffee and cake has got to be one of my favorite things to do. High Tea is just a fancier version of this and is always great for a special occasion. It’s not something that we do often at home, since it’s not exactly the cheapest option for an afternoon tea. But while we were in KL last week, we found a very special place that offered High Tea which we could just not say no to. The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur - High Tea.

There’s several areas within the hotel which High Tea is offered. We only visited the Orchid Conservatory, but from what it looked like, the same food is offered in all the different areas. The only difference is the price that you pay for the different locations. The Tea Lounge and Atrium at Colonial Cafe is MYR 48++, while the The Drawing Room MYR 68++ and The Orchid Conservatory MYR 88++.

Nothing beats chatting with family, friends, love ones and updating each other about our lives, even better when we get to do it in the elegant way.

So, we went to Tea Lounge at The Majestic Hotel at Jalan Sultan Hishamudin, KL for a classic English afternoon tea session. Beautiful place I must say, the hotel itself has the colonial architecture, totally in white with broad windows. Going in to the Tea Lounge, it definitely looks like one of those classy and elegant English lounge, with beautiful chandeliers, comfy armchairs, classic table lamps and pretty flowers in a vase.

Can you imagine Sia swinging left to right on this gracious chandelier at the hotel lobby?

or this classical chandelier in the tea lounge?
♫ I'm gonna swing.... from the chandelier....  ♫

Best part was the big windows, behind the beautiful drapes. That gives a view of the green lawn, allowing the right amount of natural light in. Couldn't stop saying how pretty this place is.

Complete with a pianist that belts out your favorite jazz cum classical tunes, the Tea Lounge is a great place to meet with your friends and business partners. Can you imagine myself sitting here with a cup of Earl Grey Tea, and slowly nibbling on your favorite pastries at this Tea Lounge. Simply Relaxing!

And when you order High Tea, this is what you can expect:

The bottom tier - Sandwiches!

I had salmon, tuna and the round one that has bean sprouts and mushrooms inside if i'm not wrong
Salmon rocks!!

Middle Tier - Scones!

with strawberry jam and cream
this one is more dense. Finish one, you feel full instantly
Love the cream and jam

3rd Tier -- Sweet treats

The first one (from front) is a Panna cotta, super nice! Fruity and smooth. the second one is a very fragrant and crunchy coconut cake, my favorite :) Then there's cheesecake, coco tart and a meringue.

Savory treats 

That came separately in a golden tray with a cover on top
when the waiter serves it, it's like "ta-dah".
anyways, there's cheeseballs and some curry pie on the left which is very very delicious. And we both were also being served with those tiny little Vietnamese spring rolls. It's pretty awesome.
This savory treats adds a Malaysian twist to English Afternoon Tea.

A double deck of Sandwiches, Scones and Pastries, which any foodie would just love! Just looking at the food made the "kid" (Leo is and always be that cutie kid to me) hungry, and we were ready to devour the food like a venus flytrap.

One of the best places to consume your High Tea at the Majestic Hotel is in the Orchid Conservatory. This Greenhouse is located within the Hotel and it is similar to one of those little Greenhouses which you can find in the Botanic Gardens. Cooled down with Air-conditioning, this room is decorated beautifully with colorful Orchids, and it is a sight to behold. If you have the time, do add a visit to this conservatory, into your holiday schedule.

The greenhouse is a favorite with locals, so do expect to make advance bookings for a visit. According to hotel sources, patrons need to make a 2 month advance booking, to secure a weekend seat in the conservatory.

Being a 5 Star Luxury Hotel, the Majestic Hotel KL has a host of different restaurants to satisfy your cravings. To enjoy Colonial excellence in Malaysia, you have got to visit the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Built in 1932, the Majestic Hotel is a symbol of British domination in the Colonial Era.

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : +603 2785 8000 
Fax : +603 2785 8080


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