Trick or Treat @ Baskin Robbins

Thursday, October 30, 2014 0 comments

Its Halloween and Baskin Robbins have got their new flavour out in conjunction called TRICK or TREAT!! Since we are just around the corner Eric and I swooped right in for the kill!

What's inside is self explanatory! It's the little ones' guilty pleasure! It has diabetes written all over it! If you have a sweet tooth like us you are definitely up for a treat!

They have their best sellers on display and I went for the Chocolate dip selection!

Despite what is written on display, i get to choose any 2 scoops of ice cream and they will top it with hot chocolate praline and nuts as well! Those have peanut allergy please take note! :)

I selected Trick or Treat and also the Movie Theater Popcorn! The latter was a really good choice as well! It full of sweetness!

We really need to go on a diet after this like seriously, well, more like I need to. Eric succumbed to his guilt of being too "healthy" around his waist, so he decided to just go for the cone with a single scoop of the Chocolate ice cream! He is gonna kill me for posting this pic showing how healthy he is! :)

Apart from ice cream they also sell hot and cold beverages and also ice cream cakes!!

If you are in luck, you might just catch their hourly promotion from time to time. I'm not really sure whether they have these promotions at different times of the day but when I was there their milkshake was on offer.  

10% off isn't that much of a deal in my opinion, they should have made it 50% and at least people would come and try it. I think it is a good selling strategy for just an hour but who am I to say? lol

Anyhow, its Friday and its the 31st day of the month and we all know what that means!! 31% off on all handpacked items!!

Time like these doesn't come very often so get your bumbum out there and join the queue! Now where are my insulin injections? Just kidding. 

For a quick fix of sweet indulgence, Baskin Robbins is the way to go! Ice cream never fails to put a smile on mine, and I'm guessing yours too. Diabetics don't be jealous! MC Hammer will say: U CAN't TOUCH THIS!


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