Afternoon Tea @ The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

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I was kinda hooked to the last experience I had at The Majestic Hotel KL, so how could I possibly say no to Sarah when she asked me to join her for afternoon tea with her friends.

This time round it was the lobby lounge at The Ritz-Carlton KL. We met up for some window shopping at Pavilion before walking over through Starhill Gallery cos I had a sweat trail down my back and we were trying to avoid the scorching sun. My my, lets not go there. 
Lobby reception.
This is where we are gonna have tea, the Lobby Lounge!

We were then shown to our reserved table and seats.

I love the tablewares. It feels like home.
Having spent 3 years in the UK changed me for the better. I miss having afternoon teas and it feels good to know that I will be having scones soon. I remember having tea breaks every hour or two when I was working in the UK. It was the culture back there and I think I kinda embraced it fully. Ha. 

Selection of Ronnefeldt Teas. 
Our waiter presented us with their Tea cart displaying the teas for us to choose. They had black teas, green teas, fruit teas, and seasonal ones too. All I can think of when the afternoon tea topic is being discussed are Yorkshire Teas!
I used to have this everyday back home! haha.
There were too many to choose from as you can see from the picture above. There was a tester bottle next to each box of tea on the cart for us to smell. I'm not gonna pretend that I know much about teas nor I'm picky with mine. That being said I asked the lovely lady for their bestseller and she recommended the Irish Whiskey Cream. Sarah sniffed here and there and finally she found one that intrigued her "scent-ses", Mokalbarie it is. Sounds like Mockingjay wearing Mulberry. Class. Eric kinda sticked to his comfort zone and ordered his usual Earl Grey, good choice. Marcus wanted something sweet and fruity and at last like how Harry Potter chose his wand, there was a "moment" when he smelled one of the teas. It was something Peachy and that is all I remembered. 

Moments later our teas were served! It comes with a personal candle holder to warm our teas making sure that it stays warm at all times! A sieve to drain loose tea leaves was provided too. 

A side table that host the teapots, the sugars and spreas.

The highlight of the session. Our 3-tier afternoon delights. lol. The stand wasn't as grand as the one provided in Majestic Hotel KL but it wasn't too shabby. The portion was overwhelming cos it was for 2 sets. Ha. 

Butter scones . Raisins scones. Quiche Lorraine . Chicken Pie
Smoked salmon cucumber cream cheese w chives . Egg mayo w fresh herbs . Chicken ham cheese . Tuna watercrest w mustard mayo

I love the fact that the scone was hot when it was served. The clotted cream just melt in and with a little of raspberry jam, voila, Heaven!! I could munch those scones down all day. How I miss the UK, I could just close my eyes and reach out to any direction and get decent scones. lol. Exaggerate much. 
I was holding my scone in the pic below, ha.
Clockwise from below: Me, Eric, Marcus and Sarah

We were serenaded by a lovely harpist the whole afternoon and it was really soothing and relaxing. At one point I was just looking at her while she finish one of her pieces. I think it's a plus point having the harpist there while having tea or just chilling out here in the lounge. 

We went on a weekday so it was kinda quiet just the way we like. 

We were there for a whole good 2 hours just chatting about life, about Marcus leaving the country, about Sarah's upcoming Eurotrip, and Eric's new house and how is he gonna decorate it. Ha. It is Eric's first afternoon tea in his life, so we were quite honoured to be there accompanying him for his first!! Seriously the Netherlands is just next to UK, don't they have afternoon teas too? lol

As we were about to leave, we thought we smelled cigarette smoke and we weren't wrong. There were two other customers smoking at the other end of the lounge. Yikes. I didn't realize it was a smoking lounge. Luckily we were leaving, cos it would be a struggle to enjoy ourselves as none of us smoke. But apart from that, it was worth the experience. 

Lobby Lounge @ The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Add || 168 . Jalan Imbi . 55100 Kuala Lumpur . Malaysia
Operation hours (afternoon tea) || 1500 - 1700 hours
Tel || +60321428000


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