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It was our second night in Langkawi and we wanted to feast on Japanese food for some reason. We turned to FourSquare for suggestions and it kinda led us to a deserted Japanese restaurant in Cenang. We were shocked by how empty that place was and in no time we were back in our car searching for the next nearest option cos we were starving. 

FourSquare did not disappoint us the second time round. The next available Japanese restaurant Unkaizan was about 5-10 minutes drive away from Cenang. From afar we saw loads of cars parked next to the restaurant. Its entrance was an uphill slope and with no more parking left by the roadside I thought why not try my luck parking inside. I drove up and coincidentally a car was driving out and we knew we chanced upon a spot! :)

The young lady at the front door greeted us and asked if we had a reservation but sadly we don't. O.O

I was so pleased that they had spaces left cos we were really hungry. The restaurant itself wasn't really huge. It was packed with people when we entered. They do offer indoor seats with air-conditiong and also outdoors for those who wants a glimpse of the sunset if youre early or for those who wants to smoke.

I love the simple marble table with the wooden mat and coaster.
Icy cold towels was provided with haste. These was heaven as the night was quite warm.

The chopsticks were placed in paper packets that have cute symbols on it. Kawai!
Pretty and smart ashtrays. They blend well with the marble table too.

Since I have my experimental touch ready, I asked Ricky to pick a Japanese Sake(rice wine) for me to try. I'm so not an alcohol person, and if I do drink, I usually want something sweet. This wine isn't my thing. Ricky picked the sweetest Sake available. Rice wine sweet isn't Leo's standard sweet. Me being the good boy, I bear the "sweetness" and tried to enjoy the drink. It made Ricky's Coca-Cola so tempting. lol.

Japanese Sake(Rice Wine).

We had some sashimi to start, followed by some mixed tempura and salmon kamameshi. We then ordered the yakiniku Japanese BBQ as mains and ended with some special Japanese desserts!

The coral dish is so prettttty!

They were really freshhhhhh!
Crispy and delicious tempura
Ricky was craving for Tamago so we ordered a single serving for him. I like how it comes with a marble deco, so pretty.
Salmon Kamameshi. Salmon is put directly into the hot rice and left to cook just by the heat of the hot rice. Its juice and oil makes the rice fragrant and tasty! This is a must try!
Really Yummy!!
Raw beef that was marinated with the chef's special sauce.
We get our own big round charcoal grill pot so we can control how raw we want it to be cooked! :)
Barbecue DIY!
Half a minute each side is how i like it! :)
JUICYYYYY!!! This taste so good!!
They provided us with the chef's special sauce to dip the meat in but the meat itself is marinated to perfection. We did not really use the sauce at all in the end.

After BBQ, we kinda stopped for a bit but we know we still have room for desserts! Me having 4 stomachs has its advantage! lol. I know, I'm such a cow! 

Presenting the deep fried ice cream. It is ice cream in a deep fried battered crust. We get to choose the flavour of the ice cream and we went for Green Tea! This is so good, contrasting hot and icy cold combination! Must try!!
Let's slice it open!
Look at that ice cream lovers!! How can you resist that!?
Even 6 ft tall Leo turned into a small kid when it comes to Ice Cream.
This kinda look like a mooncake. lol
Mango Teppan Ice Cream. This is yummy too but I prefer the deep fried ice cream more! 

The restaurant itself is kinda situated on a hill, I can only imagine the sunset view from here looking across Pantai Tengah. You have bushes and flowers as barrier from rolling downhill. A mosquito repellant spray is also provided on each table :)

There are 5 tables on the outside. Each could accommodate 4 person.
Indoor seats.
Indoor setting.
Our bill oh my!!
If you are looking for good and fresh Japanese food, good service, good ambience, and good price, Unkaizan is the place to be. Oh yea, we had a very good waiter as well, she was on top of the game, she knew the menu and everything about the restaurant inside out and she never failed to recommend what is good to try! One thing I regretted was not knowing her name but here's a vague picture of her. She is a modern Malay lady with a good command of the English language. If you have her to serve you then you're in luck!! 
Thank you missy :)

There is actually an upper floor that we have not been. It is supposedly set with tatami floors so that patrons could dine like how some Japanese dine on a low table. We will try that the next time round, so long!!

Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant
Add || Lot 395 . Jalan Telok Baru . Pantai Tengah . 07000 Langkawi
Tel || +6049554118
Operating Hours || 1800 - 2300 hrs
Close on certain Wednesdays . Check their Facebook page to know which Wednesday of the Month is affected
Website || www.unkaizan.com
Facebook || www.facebook.com/UnkaizanJapaneseRestaurant


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