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I think somehow people might think that we are looking for trouble keep hunting down for something sweet. But what can we say? We just love it! So, we kinda found this pretty awesome place. If you love desserts, this is the place to go!

La Vanille is a newly opened cafe located at Hutton Lane. They are specialized in cupcakes, macaroons, cakes and other pastry. Hutton Lane is located behind New World Park Penang, which is on the same road as Eden Restaurant and Mak Ee Currypuffs, opposite the basketball field. You guys know that Penang is now famous of its heritage sites and cafes right?! Technically, I don't think this is actually considered as those type of HERITAGE CAFES, but since we found it on the heritage cafes list on Google, I would like to think of it as one. The café opens daily from 11am. To be honest, I was totally blown away when I saw the prices of their food and beverages. They are not expensive at all, unlike most heritage cafes where I think they are usually very overrated.

They don't provide menus so you have to walk up to the counter and look at the blackboard and place your order there. And of course pay your bill there.
It's really amazing that the owner of the restaurant put in so much effort to decorate the interior. Instead of those expensive and over-grand decorations, these cute DIY-looking ones give people the sense of home. 

I love every single one of them. Not only the drawings are amazing, you can tell that the owner actually spent lots of time and attention in running this place. This fact alone makes the cafe worth visiting. And also a BIG yes if you are bringing you date here. It is quiet, warm, comfy and most importantly, the food serves here are good and cheap! Imagine the face of Leo when we read his post on Baskin Robins, if you could see him right now, it is a million times more priceless! :P

1 for RM4
3 for RM11.50
The cupcakes and all looks pretty nice. Very sugary yet it is light. Unlike the usual sugary treats.
I am a sucker when it comes to a perfectly layered red velvet cake! 

La Vanille serves cupcakes, macarons, pastry, brunch, as well as the coffee, tea and drinks. This café is origin from the founder who likes to travel from her country to the other part of the world, exploring the lifestyle of the local, experiencing the culture of the people, and enjoying high-tea at the little cafe of local. She treats her business as warm and heart-felted neighborhood café, where people can share their happiness and valuable experience with their loved ones.   
(extracted from La Vanille's website! Click here for the full introduction)

La Vanille Pastry
Address: 122 A Hutton Lane, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Contacts: 04-2264024 / 017-5085214


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