Grab and Go : Starbucks Aussie Sausage Roll

Friday, November 21, 2014 0 comments
We have a Starbucks just 5 minutes drive down the road from our resort in Langkawi and we just hopped in for a quick breakfast!

The Aussie(Ozzie) sausage roll is my favourite quick fix on the go. It is light, savoury, tasty and delish! This is approximately 300 calories and it should be enough to kick start the day! I had a Mocha Praline Frapp to go with and that's another 300 calories but who's counting? lol

There is nothing aussie about it, not that I have tried a real aussie roll or anything. Could just be the name i guess. It has a full sausage in a slight crunchy soft pastry filled with mince and diced onions, yummy yummy. 

Toffee Nut Latter for Ricky and Mocha Praline Frapp for me!
Chicken Toast
Cheesy chicken pie

Do give it a try once if you opt to have a bite in Starbucks! :)


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