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Ok. Next stop, Langkawi!

Being a Subang boy meself, I took the tortoise KTM to KL Sentral and from there I zoomed straight to KLIA2 via the Express Rail Link(ERL) to catch my flight!! I say tortoise is because one train passes every 30 mins. lol. Dont get me started on the journey from home to the KTM station. Bloody taxi driver wanna charge me MYR10 for that short journey. I declined and waited for the next one. Cos I live next to colleges and universities, there were no shortages of cabs and it only cost me MYR5 by meter to reach the station.

The ERL is quite convenient for people who are travelling alone and who wants to save cost. Taking a cab from Subang to KLIA would cost around MYR60-70. The ERL costs only MYR35 for a single trip. If there are a few people sharing then a taxi would be fine.

There is a train every 15mins during peak hours and 20mins during off-peak. There are only 2 stops which are the two terminals. It takes about 27mins to reach KLIA and 33mins to reach KLIA2. Its spacious and cooling and it also has free WiFi all the way there! Brilliant!!

Ricky's Nerd Fact || ERL
The ERL is the first and only bullet train system in Malaysia running top speed of 176 kilometres an hour. It is a Desiro ET425 made by Siemens. Remember the Siemens phone that we used aeons ago? Siemens is actually a German company that specialises in bullet trains. 

As I exit the train, guess what pops right in front to welcome me? Its sign shine bright like a diamond even Rihanna can't resist it! :)

How can i say no to my favourite drink on the GO!! Wintermelon Tea with White Pearl from GongCha! Lovely!!

It's my second time here but I don't really remember seeing GongCha here the first time round. Since I was a little early and I've checked in online with no luggage whatsoever, I went and venture round KLIA2.

I realized that I was on the top floor when I first came to KLIA2 via the departure entrance by car. This time coming here by the ERL has brought me to a different floor. I didn't know that it was a shopping mall. lol. Ricky said that the intention of KLIA2 is to exhibit a airport-within-a-mall concept. There are three floors altogether, the middle floor is more of a food and refreshments section while the bottom and top floors have got more retail stores.

All I care for is my GongCha and it will be a plus point for me when travelling around via the world's largest low-cost carrier terminal.

There are loads of useless self check-in machines that are not functioning on display all over the terminal and the mall. Are they there just to annoy us? lol.  I guess it is better to check in online before coming to save time and ridiculous stress. 

 Different coloured light displays at the check in counters. 

 Crazy large outdoor smoking areas for the smelly breaths overlooking the airport apron!
Upon entry into the boarding gate, I flashed my screenshot online e-boarding pass and I was stopped. They told me to show the online version. lol. Vigilant buggers. I was just trying to conserve phone battery.

Always will have time for a selfie! 

and another one!

Lets play spot the pilot! :)

It was drizzling!! Oh well. In the pic below, you will notice that the road is uneven. The whole taxiing process from the Apron(I just learn this new word from Ricky, I always call it the airplane parking area) all the way to the runway was so bumpy, it was worse than turbulence! They need to do something about it like stat. Haven't even fly off ground and I'm feeling nauseous.

The flight took less than an hour, I was asleep for that short duration of time trying to convert my brown fats into energizer balls. 
A selfie before I go!

and so I landed safe and sound!!
Up next would be our relaxing moments on the island! Stay tuned!

ERL: www.kliaekspres.com
KLIA2: gatewayklia2.com.my
Flight: www.airasia.com


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