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Well it's about time isn't it? If not mistaken, Gong Cha has been around for about 3 years now. They have always been serving their beverages in a single size till now. You can upgrade it to a larger size for just RM1. The price might change but who cares, its only RM1 for now! 
I've tried all of the bubble teas in Malaysia but I still prefer Gong Cha amongst the rest. The taste, the aroma and its pearls are to me, better in every way. I've also tried Gong Cha in Singapore and HongKong and apparently they have franchises all over Asia and Australia! It's good to see a familiar face, a brand that you can trust! 
They also serve coffee, juices, "healthy" drinks, and also ice smoothies. I don't really believe in commercialised healthy drinks hence the " ". To me healthy drinks are subjective and only water is healthy. But even so, some water in parts of the world are polluted. Oh well.... *drinks from tap in the UK*

This is a bias list of the usual few that I love to order:

1. Wintermelon Tea with White Pearl   MYR5.40

2. Lemon Juice with White Pearl and Ai-Yu Jelly   MYR6.40

3. Milk Tea with White Pearl   MYR6.40

I love the white pearls so so much!  I've asked one of the staffs in ONE Raffles Place in Singapore on what it was made of and she said that it's seaweed! White pearls are crunchy unlike their black chewy counterpart. Ricky on the other love the special foam on top! It gives a buttery slightly salty twist to the sweet drink!

I'm really a sucker for my all time favourite Wintermelon Tea with White Pearls and its really a great thirst quencher! If you need a refreshment on the go, head down to the nearest outlet and grab one now!

Price ranges from MYR3.90 to MYR7.50 excluding add ons! An affordable and delicious treat!

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