Shisha infiltration @ Langkawi Island

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 0 comments
There is a first for everything, this is me putting something in my mouth, suck it and exhale for the first time. I've heard friends telling me that one puff of this shisha, or also known as hookah, is equivalent to 20 puffs of a normal cigarette. I don't know where did the stats came from or how reliable the so called disastrous effect is and so.....

Ricky and I were just frolicking by Cenang Beach where we kinda stumbled upon this shisha place. I told Ricky I haven't tried Shisha-ing(is this even correct?) before neither have I touch a cigarette. He looked at me and I started back and instantly I knew what is gonna happen. I agreed with a nod and a forced big smile before he even asked and we head straight towards the disco lights!
I don't really understand the disco light concept cos no one was dancing lol
See, cocktails are cheap!!!!!!
It was a lovely small stall by Cenang Beach
Weird looking instrument, looks like the hose found in toilets minus the metal thingymagic and the jar underneath it looks like something we use in a science lab.
Blow Ricky, blow!
We had a small candle in a cup on our small wooden table to set the mood and two mats to sit/lie on.
"Rolleye" moment. Never in my life I would see myself doing that.
It was a hot night and we were literally sweating. You can see it on Ricky's shining neck-chest region :)
There were sky lanterns released from the nearby resort. Hopefully there were no inbound flights at that particular time. The airport isn't that far away. Yikes.
Deep thoughts....
Amazed. That's my face when I noticed how "chilled" the rest of the shisha patrons were. 

I don't really get the fun out of it. I inhaled, felt a slight tingle in my mouth, must be the mint or something, and then I exhaled, I don't really feel anything. A few more puffs made my mouth dry and I gave up. lol. At least I gave it a try although I kinda said to myself not to smoke in my life. Well, touch and go. I'm not doing it anymore. Even if I were to enjoy it, I don't see it benefitting me in any way at all. So, no more, this is it. The end! :)

Ricky enjoyed the rest of it and had my share of the shisha until the charcoal died. It is a nice place to relax and chill as Cenang beach has the softest sand among all the beaches in Langkawi. Just be aware of jellyfishes when its season comes. 

So that's my first, and last! Scratch that out of my to-do-before-i-die list!
Our artistic shot for the night! 


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